Recently UpCast caught up with Executive Producer, Director, and industry muse – Xan Aranda – to chat about the creative process and how having a larger vision has helped her. The conversation is a glimpse into her mindful world, as she considers the importance of reflecting but never dwelling.

“You know a lot of surviving this business is the ability to rebuild. Its not actually who you know or what doors are open for you.”

We stand behind Xan’s belief that in order to be a productive creator, you must carefully nurse your imagination. Having a persevering love for people and their bodies, Xan’s narratives are bursting with the same humanity she brings to the room. On the show, she jokes “Producer me takes care of Director me.”

In a way, her overarching theme is a sarcastic wink at balance: Artists don’t have to choose between creativity and practicality, so long as they are self-aware of the human tendency to ebb and flow.

With HBO Series Room 104 just getting renewed for its second season, and a drama series based on an unsolved crime in the works, Xan is a filmmaking enigma to keep your eyes, ears and hearts wide open for. We hope you enjoy the conversation, and share her insight with friends!