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Team UpCast

At UpCast, we’re leading the entertainment industry in a digital direction by bringing casting calls straight to your pocket. Founded by actor and model, Drew Doyon, UpCast was built with the bold intention to make the experience of auditioning for roles just as enjoyable as landing them.

Our mobile platform allows models and actors to audition from anywhere. Rooted in authenticity, UpCast is a thriving community for actors, models, casting directors and independent filmmakers to receive access and create opportunities for one another.

We love making casting accessible so you can save time, money and put your best self forward. We’re a small but passionate team with industry expertise, creative chops and technological know-how. Get to know us and follow along – @getupcast.

Drew Doyon

Drew Doyon

Founder + CEO

Moving from New York to LA, Drew lived on a floor for 8 months to kick off his acting career. Since that clearly didn’t work out too well for him, he founded UpCast. When he’s not eat-breath-sleeping at the office, you’ll find him either finishing an entire pint of ice cream or working it off on a serious hike. Film photographer, model, world traveler and self-proclaimed song writer, Drew stays humble despite his CEO status. Seen our commercial? That’s actually his car.

Lauren Talio

Lauren Talio

Creative Director

Writer and fashion enthusiast with a travel bug, Lauren recently bought a one way ticket from the East Coast in pursuit of sun-tanning on her lunch break. Packing as many shoes as she could fit in her carry-on she fulfilled her strange desire to live out of her car, accidentally vagabonding LA for the summer. Speaking to her sushi-only diet, Lauren’s claim to Hollywood fame is that she’s now totally fluent  eating with chopsticks while sitting in traffic.

Roger Carvalho

Roger Carvalho

Chief Technology Officer

Actor and full time computer nerd, Roger kills it both in front of and behind the screen. Born in Amsterdam to a South American mother and an African father, he spent most of his life trying to live anywhere but the Netherlands – Canada, the UK and US. This year he worked as a digital nomad across 5 continents, 10 countries, 10 islands and over 25 cities.  He splits his time between coding for UpCast and performing on camera or on stage.

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