UpCast Press Kit

What is UpCast?

UpCast is the first mobile platform that digitally connects talent and productions through the entire casting process. UpCast lets talent audition from their phone by swiping through castings and submitting live photos and videos directly to casting professionals, companies, and productions looking for talent.

Casting professionals can then view, sort, contact and book talent from anywhere, saving everyone much needed time and money.

Why UpCast?

Auditions for models and actors have remained an expensive and time-consuming process for years. Casting directors, production companies, brands, etc spend upwards of $1,000-$10,000 to secure a location, casting professional, photographer/videographer and equipment. That’s before spending at least a full day casting, uploading files, and reviewing each audition photo and video.

For talent, there’s paying for headshots, driving in traffic, waiting in line, maybe even requesting time off work, all for 30 seconds with a someone who snaps 1-3 photos of them. With more and more people using smartphones equipped with built-in, high-quality cameras and everyone equally frustrated with the process, it’s time for a revival.



Drew Doyon – Founder & CEO

Drew Doyon has attended over 1000 auditions in his 8 years of modeling and acting in LA and NYC, and has booked campaigns for brands such as Pepsi, Skechers, REI, Bacardi and Red Bull. In his free time and in between gigs, he taught himself how to design, code and learned the ins and out of sales and marketing while working for various startups in Los Angeles. With the emergence of smartphones and swiping apps, he wondered why he couldn’t simply audition from his phone. Experiencing the frustrations of the casting process combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, he has merged his passions to help others pursue theirs by creating UpCast.

Drew Doyon on Business Rockstars

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Talent Landing Page: www.getupcast.com
Casting Landing Page: www.getupcast.com/casting
Promo Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BasbomcxCKw
Facebook: www.facebook.com/getupcast
Twitter: www.twitter.com/getupcast
Instagram: www.instagram.com/getupcast



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UpCast Talent App Icon

Product: iPhone App

The UpCast Talent iOS app is used by models and actors to submit themselves for roles from their phones.


  • Swipe through roles and submit on the spot or save it for later.
  • Submit live photos or a video directly to casting instead of outdated headshots.
  • View and manage all your past submissions and messages from casting.
  • Update your profile anytime, for free. No fees, especially photo fees.

Screenshots: (click to download)




Product: Casting Web App

The UpCast Casting Software is used by casting professionals, productions, and companies looking for talent. Instead of submitting outdated and retouched photos, talent are forced to send live photos or videos so casting can see what they look like today, not two years ago.


  • View, sort and organize live submissions from talent.
  • See in depth profiles for each talent.
  • Choose between photo and video roles depending on requested media.
  • Message individual or groups of talent.
  • Download PDF’s of organized talent.


Casting Dashboard – Submissions

Talent Submission – Detailed Profile