Bring in the Bills with Zero Skills.

We all could use a little extra change in our pockets. And if you’re a model or actor, you most likely a) know the struggle of not having a stable cash flow and b) probably don’t care enough to sell your soul to a nine-to-five desk job anyway. Thanks to tech, now it’s easier than ever to bring in the bills with zero skills. And if you do have talents outside of the talent industry, there’s a whole slew of new ways to capitalize on them. You can be the multi-hyphenate that “never works a day in her life” because she makes money doing what she loves. Of the 86% who say they earn extra money from a side hustle every month, 36% are making $500 or more. With that in mind, we put together a list of gigs you could take on in your free time. Read on and get started!


  •, the world’s largest art marketplace, allows Digital Designers and Photographers to sell their work by uploading images to the website and setting a price for tons of print-on-demand products.
  • If you’re a professional photographer (and can pass as a part-time tour guide) Flytographer will connect you with travelers who want to be captured in your favorite locales! 
  • Etsy is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can sell a wide range of handmade goods from jewelry and clothing to stationery and bouquets.
  • Probably the most straightforward way to make money as a content creator, you can advertise yourself as a freelance photographer or videographer for events. The same way you might brand yourself online as an actor, create a website with your portfolio of your work and pass it along to friends and friends of friends who might need footage of their wedding or child’s birthday party. You can also sell your creative photos to stock companies like Shutterstock.

Dog Lovers–

  • Dog sit for a stranger with Rover. You’ll make a few hundred dollars over a weekend for letting a cute pup sit on your couch! Easy. 
  • Or get hired to walk people’s dogs on-demand in your neighborhood with Wag!


  • Sell clothes and accessories that you no longer wear on the app Poshmark. Simply post items to your digital closet. When they sell, Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label. This totally beats going to a consignment shop because you can change your mind or simply weed out what sits in your closet.


  • Uber or Lyft around your city. If you don’t have a car and need one (LA friends, we’re looking at you) these apps now offer leasing programs where you drive to pay off your car. Not necessarily the most lucrative gig, but definitely a good option if you’re trying to build your credit!
  • Couchsurfing is exactly what it sounds like: a platform that lets people rent out your couch for a pretty low rate. Not a bad idea if you don’t mind someone crashing or want a little company!
  • Become an Experience Host on Airbnb. Design and lead an experience in your city around a passion or based on local knowledge. You’re free to host whenever you want, set the group size and price. Travelers will pay you to share your day or expertise on pretty much anything – sushi-making, surfing, or bar-crawling. Seriously, they don’t discriminate.
  • Airbnb your home when you’re away for a night or two months. Even better, rent out just one room in your house. The better your interior design skills are, the more money you’ll get for your spot, so it’s worth hitting up an IKEA.
  • If you’re a car owner, Turo helps you to rent out your car for any chosen period of time and cost, just like Airbnb. They’ll also insure you.
  • TaskRabbit pays you to do freelance labor in your area by matching you to basic tasks such as cleaning, moving, picking up food and handyman work.
  • Postmates is the same idea but solely for food.

Business Savvy–

  • Are you a customer service agent, developer, writer, sales or marketing expert, assistant, account or consultant? Upwork connects independent professionals with businesses to complete remote work all over the world. This is freelancer heaven.
  • Become an online tutor with Chegg.


  • Make money while staying fit by being a personal trainer with apps like Handstand.
  • Cook for other people with Feastly.